Working with a versioned repo isn't always the greatest. Everyone has to work in a sterile environment to keep things working well — it can be a little stifiling both for creativity and workflow.

what it offers

mine lets you scatter personal notes throughout your versioned repo, something that would normally be impossible with a version controlled project. The notes are backupable and stay completely free of git’s (or hg’s) history.

mine configures it so filenames matching *_mine_* are globall ignored by git. This means it will work with all your versioned projects, without touching their .gitignore file.

mine list output

the cringe response

right after the scatter personal notes around your repo, you might have flinched:

but git manages that repo!

hold up, take a step back.

rephrased, with a focus on the developer and project:

I manage that project, and I use git for it’s history

git won’t interefere with mine and vice versa. They are used in tandem, for different purposes.

the upside

with mine, you can

the downside

I don’t think there are any… though i’ve been wrong before.