Simpler Interface

Here's the mess of data

      {{ itemList.items | json:spacing }}

This is random group of substances need editing

Adding Data

Prettier than it was above, this is the data set:

name tags
{{}} {{ item.tags.join(', ') }}

Singling out Items

Singling out a single item (for removal, selection, addition, etc)

Think of an an item from above and single it out:

  • {{ }}

as the data-set grows, the difference gets bigger.

The users already know what they want, finding it is a menial task; It's easier for the software than the user.

  • Search - takes the user's intent and does the rest
  • Dropdown - forces the users to manually find the item after their minds have been made up

Attaching Data

now, suppose you're working with a material, and you decide how you want to store those records. Choose privacy/sharing settings:

  • {{ setting }}

here, with the app's sharing settings, the narrow, unfamiliar options make the search bar quite awkward, the dropdown not only acts as a selction tool, but it also provides a refresher on their options before the selection needs to be made

  • Search - forces the user into an a decision they are unfamiliar with
  • Dropdown - reminds the user of options and puts the choice in his/her hands

Attaching Data 2

But a dropdown isn't the king of simple options:

Chemical is:

Chemical is:

  • The checkbox is neat and skimming friendly
  • Radio Buttons can be nice, but it takes up quite a bit of room for a simple choice
  • The Dropdown for feature status is unnecessary in the boolean choice of featuring
  • The Dropdown for review status does a great job of condensing a seldom needed choice's options into a compact, skimmable element

In Combination

mixing it all together:

tagging with dropdowns

{{ }}

{{ }}


{{ item.description }}

{{ }} is {{ item.featureStatus }}, {{ item.reviewStatus }} and shared with {{ item.shareWith }}